EC Radio Ireland Reports The latest EC Radio Ireland Reports en-gb Copyright 2016, European Commission. All rights reserved. Tue, 16 Jul 2019 09:17:50 GMT <![CDATA[Ireland, second most popular employment destination for EU citizens]]>
New figures from Eurostat show that 12.8 per cent of all workers here are from another EU country - three times the EU average.

Grace Bolton of the European Commission office in Ireland says however that Luxembourg attracts more employees from outside the EU than any other State in the European Union. ]]>
<![CDATA[Ireland has EU’s second most expensive creche fees for under 3s]]>
New figures from an EU Commission study show that the average crèche cost for this age group is €771 per month, that's around €440 less than the UK cost.

In countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Romania, childcare is completely subsidised by government, with parents paying only for their children's meals.  

Grace Bolton of the EU Commission office in Ireland says crèche fees are expensive here because the Government leaves it to the market to determine costs.
<![CDATA[Ireland has highest proportion of under-fives in the EU]]>
New figures from Eurostat show that at 8.3 per cent of the overall population - or 398,000 children – are pre-schoolers.

Grace Bolton of the European Commission office in Ireland says while Ireland currently occupies the top spot, Italy is at the bottom.]]>
<![CDATA[Mercosur deal will open up markets for Irish food producers and other exporters]]>
Phil Hogan says the tariff-scrapping deal will support over 110,000 jobs in rural Ireland, and offer export opportunities for the chemicals, pharmaceuticals, machinery, electrical equipment and medical devices sectors.

He anticipates the agreement will lead to a significant increase in the trade surplus Ireland currently has with Mercosur.]]>
<![CDATA[ECC Ireland holiday advisory]]>
It says EU citizens now have new rights under a measure put in place last year that protects the consumer if certain holidays within the European Union don't go to plan.

Martina Nee is communications officer with the European Consumer Centre in Dublin.

She says there are a number of areas holidaymakers should be mindful of when jetting off on their Summer break.

<![CDATA[EU Agriculture Commissioner says Mercosur deal is no threat to Irish farmers]]>
Under the deal, up to 99,000 tonnes of beef - around 1 per cent of beef consumed - will be allowed in to the European Union every year at preferential tariff rates, while tariffs will be scrapped on almost €500 million worth of Irish exports.

Irish beef farmers, who are the fifth biggest producers in the world generating €3 billion per annum, fear that the deal could put them out of business.

However, EU Agriculture Commissioner Phil Hogan rejects this, saying that a one billion euro support package will be in place to assist farmers in the event of significant market disturbance arising from the deal.]]>
<![CDATA[Ireland is the most expensive EU country for alcohol and tobacco]]>
New figures from the Eurostat consumer price index reveal that beer, wine and spirits are 77 per cent more expensive here than the EU average cost.

Grace Bolton is spokesperson for the European Commission representation in Ireland.

She says that the cost of alcohol and tobacco in Ireland is significantly higher than in the rest of the European Union.]]>
<![CDATA[Irish top EU league for information technology employment]]>
Figures from the new EU Innovation Scoreboard show that Irish employee numbers in these fields are ahead of countries like Malta, the UK and Luxembourg.

Grace Bolton is Head of Press for the European Commission office in Ireland.

She says Ireland is now also the top country in the European Union when it comes to exporting information technology.]]>
<![CDATA[Ireland is most expensive EU country to run a house]]>
A new consumer price index from Eurostat shows we are top of 28 member States for house costs, rental, water, gas, electricity and maintenance.

In Europe, only Switzerland has higher costs but it is not an EU Member State.

Grace Bolton of the European Commission Office in Dublin says Ireland is way above the EU average when it comes to housing costs.]]>
<![CDATA[Cost determines the food Irish people buy]]>
That's one of the key findings from a new survey on EU purchasing trends from the European Food Safety Authority.

The survey found however that Irish people are more concerned about food hygiene than their EU counterparts.

Grace Bolton of the EU Commission office in Ireland says Irish purchasing trends differ to those elsewhere in the European Union.]]>
<![CDATA[EU introduces new measures to protect employees on zero-hour contracts]]>
Among the many proposals, employees will have the right to work elsewhere while on zero hours and training will be cost-free.

It will be up to member States to introduce the measures.

Grace Bolton of the European Commission office in Ireland says the new measures will oblige the employer to be fair and transparent with the employee.]]>
<![CDATA[EU increases funding by €12 million to protect the humble honey bee]]>
The cash injection - which represents an increase of €12 million – comes as figures show that of the 98 Irish wild bee species, one third are in danger of extinction.

The agri-food sector is highly dependent on bees as they pollinate most of the plant foods consumed by humans.

Grace Bolton of the European Commission office in Dublin says Ireland has the third lowest number of bee hives in the European Union.